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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Gem Earning Tips~

Hey Jammers! :D
Infinitemajesty here to help you out with some Gem Earning Tips. So If you are low on gems I suggest you get your notepad and pencil and take some notes. Don't forget to bring the cheese cuz I'm hungry XD just kidding. 
Well here are the few tips on earning gems hopefully they help you out as much as they helped me! :D 
Maybe your gems will grow to be that big! 
  • Gem x2 isn't always a good thing. That is true, a lot of games that are low earning don't give you much even if they are under the x2 spell. Such as currently we have twister as the x2 game it doesn't earn you much. 

  • Sometimes being Rare-Crazy helps out with your gems. I know this for a fact, During November I kept rushing over to sky high to play just so that I could try to earn those prized items. I had around 4,000 gems before I played that grew to at least 12,000 in a short time. 

  • Be determined, a lot of us will say I'm gonna get some serious gems today, then we get lazy and stop trying to earn them. So, If you want gems be focused and you should earn some in no-time.

  • Beware of the time consuming games. Games like Pest Control or Overflow take up a lot of your time and can get very boring and if you win them they don't offer you much unless they are double gems.

  • Best dressed,Jamaa Derby,Splash and Dash, Phantom's Treasure, and Falling Phantoms are your best friends. These are the current high earning gem games that don't take up much of your time. You will have the best profit from participating in these games. 

  • Beware of the Outdated Games. This includes, Long Shot, River Race, and Wind Rider,Double Up,Spider Zapper and Phantom Fighter. Although these games can be really fun to play especially with buddies, they are games released in beta testing, Back in beta prices on items were low and these games were enough to allow you to buy the stuff in beta. Unless AJ HQ increased the gem earnings, these games aren't good at getting you the most gems. 

  •  Being Nonmember Helps! Nonmembers can easily earn the greatest amount of gems. Why? The answer is in the limited amount of items they can purchase. Since they can only purchase a few items most of the gems are left unspent. Therefore, they can have lots of gems and once they become a member they can splurge!
  •  Take your time and save! Don't worry! Unless its rare mondays, some of the items will remain on sale until you earn your gems! But, try to remember that updates can remove some items but still take your time. 

Here's a list of the Games I think You should play.
  1. Falling Phantoms
  2. Jamaa Derby/Splash N' Dash
  3. Best Dressed
  4. Phantom's Treasure (Deep Blue)
  5. Sky High (If you're rare crazy)
  6. Fruit Slinger (if its on Double Gems)
  7. Pest Control (if its on Double Gems)
I hope everyone gets to earn some mad gems!

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  1. Ha, I used to have a crush on you! xD nothing serious, I just liked your personality in your posts.. ^_^ I did for awhile, but I'm over it now.. Just wanted to get that out there. No response needed. Thanks(:

    -Anonymous. For now-


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